Gregory R. Golem, CFSP

Principal- Interactive Restaurant Consulting, Inc.

As founder of Interactive Restaurant Consulting Inc, Gregg has designed and overseen the development of over 400 restaurant and bar operations. With a 39 year career in the food service industry, Gregg is able to bring the experience and background necessary to contribute to the client’s profitable objectives.

Gregg has an extensive background in food service operations, training, construction, site development, purchasing, and franchising. In his career, Gregg has been; the Owner and Principal Consultant of Interactive Restaurant Consulting Inc, Partner/Owner, of Bob Smith Restaurant Equipment, Chief Operating Officer of East Coast Bagel Co Inc, President of Numero Uno Franchise Corp, Executive Vice President of Shakey’s Pizza Restaurants, Director of Company Operations, Training and Eastern Franchise Operations for A & W Restaurants Inc. His international experience also includes the development, opening and operation of restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shenzhen, China.

Gregg holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Factors-Industrial Psychology. His menu- based approach to design insures myriad details are taken into consideration to produce the food quality and volume needed for each project. Gregg integrates people, product, and production flows into every design to produce an efficient and effective layout which is compliant with the prevailing regulatory codes.

Gregg is one of only 75 design consultants in the United States who is recognized as a Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP) by the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers. The CFSP professional distinction, coupled with Gregg’s extensive restaurant background, provides a global perspective and unique insight into each client’s design solution.